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China Quality Control & Factory Audit

Our experience in China-side quality control & factory audits related to the construction industry has made China-Buy an indispensible partner for the procurement and quality control of construction related products and materials from China.

China-Buy Ltd has performed purchasing and quality control tasks for property developers such as Australia's NPM Group. Our quality-controlled products have been installed in some of New York's finest developments, also Trump Ocean Club in Panama. We are relied upon to recommend factories, arrange and project-manage orders and perform in-progress and pre-shipment inspections. We are chosen because we know what we're doing in China and our work ethic is second to none. Nothing is left to chance with our clients' China manufacturing and import projects.


  • Construction, General – China-Buy has been serving the needs of property developers and importers of construction-related materials and hardware, including the products listed below. We also specialise in housing “modules” – whole-house modules, pre-fabricated homes, pods and related components.

  • Bathroomware, General – Bathroomware has developed as a key area of expertise, particularly acrylic and composite bathtubs, porcelain and ceramic sanitaryware, bathroom furniture and plumbing/tapware. Most of our clients are from North America and Australasia, so we have developed a particular specialisation for standards-compliant products and materials required by these regions.

  • Plumbing and Tapware - We have assisted high-end importers from the USA, Canada, Australasia and Europe, from small importers to big-name plumbing companies, to source the appropriate standards-compliant plumbing and tapware for their respective markets. We have an array of key manufacturers and suppliers from China and Taiwan who have provided top quality and good service to our customers and who can handle OEM projects. We have also managed the production of OEM faucets with cUPC standards for Canada, using Taiwanese factories. Because of our good connections with these manufacturers and regular volume orders, we get excellent pricing and top service.

  • Ceramic & Porcelain Sanitary ware - What we don't know about the porcelain and ceramic sanitary ware industry isn't worth knowing. On our team, we have university-trained ceramics experts who oversee management and quality control of our clients’ ceramic sanitary ware orders. Donald Trump developments are extremely particular, as you might imagine!

  • Furniture - particularly bathroom furniture. Over the years we have come to know the Chinese supply side intimately and worked with top manufacturers, including those that supply such companies as Nova Deko Australia and many others. Through our efforts and presence in China, we like to think we have contributed in China furniture manufacturing having raised its standards in recent years, particularly in the area of bathroom furniture. With this experience behind us, any furniture order you place is guaranteed to go smoothly.

  • Construction Glass - Having placed and managed large construction glass orders for major property developers including Australia’s NPM Group, we are in an excellent position to assist with all types of value-added glass product, including tempered and laminated glass for use in construction. We also handle related stainless steel and aluminium fittings such as balustrade stanchions.

  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware - We have our own favourite manufacturing setups for the production of high quality stainless steel construction fittings of all types, including balustrade stanchions, glass standoffs, bathroom accessories and much more. OEM product design is welcome and we can assure top quality and service all the way.

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